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Monday, December 28, 2009

wow what a christmas

Sorry everybody I've been busy I decided to join a bunch of traffic exchanges for Christmas contests. You wont believe it I won my own traffic exchange from enchantedtraffic. I just got it up and running yesterday but everything is going great. Look for my banner plastered all over lol. The name of my exchange is check it out. I even won fifty dollars in another contest with 15 sites involved. Nancy the owner of had several of her sites in the contest so I let her pick which one to mention for paying me. I've met a lot of nice people in the traffic exchange world. I love the ones with chat helps to get to know the people better. Nancy has been very helpful one of her sites has the same script of mine so if I have any questions she said she would help. Well I better get back to my busy retirement lol. Good luck making free money on the Internet.

Friday, November 27, 2009

more extra holiday cash

Another turkey day survived I think I gained about 5 lbs and lost some sleep. Now starts the leftovers and getting everything else caught back up and on track. I have a couple more cash outs to add one new and one I've cashed several times. Let's start with the one I've cashed several times. that's right I won another 200.00 dollar gift card and its already on it's way. It was shipped out the day before turkey day so it should be here by next week. You can find my gamevance link over on the side in my links. I make no money promoting them it's just fun free games where you can win prizes. OK on to the new addition to my been paid by list. They have been around awhile and also offer very low cost upgrade options. So I will probably use my payout money to upgrade see if upgrade is any better. is the new addition to my paid me list here's my link "" and look for their banner also added to page. Cash out minimum $10 and they have a few different upgrade options I will probably try the $10 upgrade first because that's what I cashed out and It's all about free money here. Looks more like a Merry Christmas this year I hope the same for everyone else out there. OK time to get back to retirement and all its hard work. Until next time good luck making that free Internet money.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

another traffic site pays

Great news everyone I have another new traffic site to add that pays. Daybreaktraffic is a great site the owner is super nice. Here's my link This site also has chat and everyone seems real nice and very helpful. Lots of contests, just last night I found four dollars cash and completed word game twice for sixty cents to reach cash out amount. Payment was received almost immediately after request. Now for some not so good news I am removing the freenfast banner the new owner is not impressing me to well. I still have to right click and select all to type anything ad chat don't work at all for me or being able to type in report box. He says he's been trying to fix it since he took over but I'm only one still having this problem. The reason I'm removing them though is because he said he was going to add some banners and credits and one dollar to my account for any that may not have worked on bonus pages. I still have not received the dollar even asked about it said he would add it that night and still no dollar. That was a week ago. I have decided to start weeding out some sites looks like freenfast is one of them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

here comes the holiday cash

I know its been a little slow but I've been saving up for the holidays. Now it's time to start cashing in s far I have cashed in at,, have already received money from two of them the check from clixsense should be here around the 10Th of the month. Lately I have been thinking about starting a list for list building so I can send out an email about once a week. Don't worry nothing spammy just an update type email of what I'm testing good and bad sites and each email will have a link to a site that has paid me. Right now I'm organizing all my down lines that I have at different sites. I may even do two lists one for ptc's and one for traffic sites. Well back to work I mean retirement lol good luck everyone keep earning that free money on the Internet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a new traffic site that pays

One of the new traffic site I joined already gets to join the paid me list. I really like this site it's another one with chat included. Everyone there is real friendly even the site owner. It has cash and credit bonuses in rotation plus contests always going. The new traffic site is enchantedtraffic here's my link... look for banner at bottom. Not sure what has happened at fastnfreexchange but having a lot of technical difficulties right now. hopefully it will find it's way back. Good luck everyone and enjoy earning free money on the Internet.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

new traffic site

This site is brand new I was one of the first ten to join and in only a few days I won ten dollars for the most surfing in 24 hours. This guy is real nice I met him on another traffic exchange and he decided to start his own. Looks like he's doing a great job so far. The money was in my papal account the same night I won. Look for his banner at the bottom of blog. The sites name is fastnfreeexchange heres my link In other good news I won another two hundred dollar gift card on gamevance got it yesterday and my darling children already spent it for me. Well I better get back to making that free money we all love I'll keep you updated I have a couple new ptc's I've joined too hopefully they will pay I was told they would one from downline and one from friend in traffic chat. This new site also offers chat on it too. Nice to meet the people who's sites your signing up for I think. Good luck everyone and go make some free money.

Friday, September 18, 2009

another site pays

Great news we have another site to add to the ones that pay. It's another traffic site and I'm glad they paid because I like this site. They have jackpot surfing, I have won their top upgrades twice. The name of this site is fasteasytraffic Tim the techy guy from trafficsplash has this site. I cashed out 30. dollars from them to paypal and it only took a couple days. Look for the new banner below ad get your fast easy traffic. Good luck everyone and enjoy earning free money on the Internet I am.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

trafficsplash pays again

It's been a long weekend thanks to Labor Day so I'm a little behind trying to catch up with hangover making it go slow. Good news Friday I cashed out another ten dollars from trafficsplash. This brings my total to fifty-six dollars from them not to mention the traffic I get to my sites and my referrals I'm getting. I also got me some more new links to try that some of my online friends say have paid them. Today I promised to sign up for some of them to try them out. They have also signed up under me on some of my sites that have paid. Oh I almost forgot I won another two hundred dollar gift card from gamevance too waiting for the fed ex guy to bring it. That's about all at this time I will keep you updated good luck everyone enjoy the rest of this long weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

couple more payments

I received a couple more payments from a couple of my sites that have paid before. First one is easyhits4u a traffic site this is the fourth time I have been paid. he other one is quickrewards this is second time paid so both are good. Their banners are already been added. Good luck everyone and make some free money.

Friday, July 31, 2009

just checkin in

Nothing really new yet I did cash out six dollars on neobux. Things have been a little slow on Internet life but moving right along in the real world. heck out my other blog to see what I have been doing this summer. Soon summer will be over and back to full throttle on the Internet. I like to hibernate in the house during the winter. Well this one is short and sweet back to summer fun good luck everyone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another one that pays

We have another site to add to the list of sites that pay. This one comes with a variety of different things to do. Everything from paid emails to surveys and all things in between. They pay fast too I put in for my payment yesterday and received it in my paypal today. Look for the new banner on page. The site is called quickrewards network. Also I received another check from clixsense in the mail. I am checking out a few survey sites that a fellow free money maker sent me to try. We chat all the time in one of the traffic sites I use. I will keep you updated on the results. Good luck everyone and go get that free money.

Monday, June 29, 2009

brain twitters

For all my followers who want more updates regularly you can follow me on twitter. My twitter name is bartendermo here is the link to my profile. Here I twitter everything for all my blogs and my traffic and ptc's. Hubby started himself a twitter account and already has more followers then me because he decided to follow all the news, radio, and stuff like that. So I will not cheat like he is I'm just going to rely on real people that want to follow me for my information or just to see what's going on. So I hope my followers here will follow me at twitter also. This week officially ended super surf on some of my traffic sites but they plan to come up with something better soon. I'm happy to say for the final week of the super surf I was one of random five dollar winners of the balloon popping. One of the other winners who finished in the top ten balloon poppers I consider to be a friend. I met her in the chat of one of my traffic sites. She has been very helpful and given me some sites to try that she says have paid her. I'm signing up to try one of her survey sites today and when I get paid from it I will add the link just like with all my links here. good luck everyone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

neobux renting referrals

I've reached the payout for neobux a few times but I decided to rent me some referrals instead. I'm now up to 71 rent referrals when I reach 100 I will start cashing out again. I've also been pondering the idea of trying some survey sites to see how well they do for making money. I have a few more ptc sites that I have not reached payout on yet they are taking forever. But I can't just drop them because I can't give honest opinion on whether or not they pay. So I will ride them out till the end and then let you know. Today I'm updating some links and I think I will pick some new ptc sites to try. I will keep you updated. Remember only sites that have paid me are allowed here no scam sites allowed.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

another bad site

Well looks like I found another scam site don't waste your time on performancebux the cash out link to payal and alertpay both don't work. I tried three times to cash out and no luck. This week just flew by I had to catch up on my traffic sites today. Then I figured I better twitter and blog let everyone know whats going on. Earlier this week I received a whole bunch more books took me two days to get them cleaned and put up. I had to thin out some I've already tried to sale. Next weekend I'm having a yard sale if they don't sale then I will take inventory on them and go donate them. I only need to earn 31 more cents to cash out easyhits4u for third time. Well back to the old grindstone of retirement good luck everyone.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

another one pays

I was hoping this one would turn out good I like this site its so easy. Here's another honest site that pays I received 25.62 in my paypal account Monday the 18Th. It's free to join and you can pick up to 25 categories for what kind of ads you want to view. I have been reinvesting some of the money I earn and upgrading some sites. This is working quite well and my personal opinion the first PTC to upgrade would be clixsense its only ten dollars for a year and I made that back the first month after upgrade. Mushroom season is pretty much done so now I can get back on track for awhile. Kids get out of school soon God I can't believe a whole school year is gone by again. That means soon we will be camping, rock hunting, and fishing. This will be a challenge to keep up. I may have to bribe my daughter to help lol. OK enough babbling off to build more traffic to sites. I hope this was helpful remember look for banner at bottom.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hubby's present to me

I know this is supposed to be all free money stuff but hubby seen how well I was dong on neobux and gave me 90 dollars to upgrade it. I'm still trying to figure out how to rent more referrals. Seems I can only do it during 2 different hours that I pick. But it shows none available. They have me watching videos on youtube to learn how to do it. I am also waiting for payment from hits4pay. I reached my 25 dollar payout at the first of month payment should arrive in paypal between 15Th and 18Th of this month. All my traffic is getting me referrals at different sites some are duds but there are a few good ones. Mushroom season has me slacking a little bit but I make 25 dollars a pound on my mushrooms. So I think I can afford to slack on my traffic for that. I'd like to say hello to my followers I hope this blog is helpful. I'm no Internet guru just a retired bartender trying to make honest money online. My favorite kind of money is free money. Remember every link on this blog has paid me or made me money. No scams allowed here only real sites that pay and my eBay. OK and a link to one of my other blogs. Well that's all I have for now

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more traffic money

Today I WOn another 25.00 on traffic-splash and have recieved payment already. I'm really starting to like this traffic site. I have won a ttal of 46.00 dollars already. I have dropped bux3 I sent for payment on January 4t had to wait 60 days and it still says payment pending. So bux3 is a scam site in my book. Buxto has changed their minimum cashout total to 50.00 dollars. I have decided to trysuper surfing so far so good. Springtime is a very busy time for me so I'm a litle behind. I have yard work, spring cleaing, my garden to plant and it's morel mushroom season. I am trying to keep everything going. Who ever said retirement was relaxing lied lol. I do more work now the when I was working. Well back to the grindstone good luck everyone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

clixsense update rocks

Received a check from clixsense yesterday for 9.33. That pretty much pays for my one year upgrade for ten dollars. Looks like the next eleven months are free money. I highly recommend the upgrade on clixsense. I almost have my office organized again. I keep changing my mind where to put things. But I have managed to list some books on eBay. I also received another batch of books mostly paperbacks which means buy one get one free on most paperbacks still going strong. They came right after I donated a bunch of books to the local thrift store. I'm going to have to donate more next month garage sales are starting up an I have no more room for books. Well time to get back to retirement.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another payment

Clixsense is awesome I made back my ten dollar one year upgrade. The check is on its way, I have already been paid from clixsense before. That leaves me eleven months of free money to make before i have to pay to upgrade. I won twenty-one dollars on traffic-splash during their contest. I received payment by next day each time I cashed. I have dropped Dingobux, Unobux, and Perfectbux they are all scams. On neobux I have 25 referrals rented from neobux money. I'm starting to see profit and I make sure they all keep above 2.0 average. I'm keeping an eye out to test a couple new sites after losing three but first I'm building up my traffic credits to advertise my sites. I have been getting a few referrals under me on various sites. This will help me to reach cash out quicker if they turn out to be good ones. I have joined twitter under bartendermo. So you can check me out there too and don't forget about Well back to work.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

good news bad news

Well everyone I have some good news and I have some bad news. Let's start with the good news. I won 11.00 dollars on traffic-splash and received payment in my paypal account within 24 hours. They have a big contest going on right now to celebrate 50,000 members. I have been winning tons of different prizes. I will be adding their banner to my list of sites that pay at bottom of blog. I went ahead and used my money got from clixsense and upgraded. It only cost 10 dollars for a whole year. I have already made my money back plus I will be getting a payment sent to me after tenth of next month. It took me less then a month to make my money back. It's well worth paying the 10 dollar upgrade. Now for the bad news, I have a couple different sites that look like they may be scams. The first one is unobux they have disappeared. The next one is dingobux I have tried to cash out twice now. The first time I reached 5.02 went to cash out the said I had to purchase something to cash out. After I purchased a lottery ticket for one dollar which then put me below the 5 dollar minimum. So I built my credits back up to 6.00 tried to cash out again bought a lottery ticket and got an error page saying payout page was having technical difficulties. So unless something changes soon on these two sites they will be added to my list of bad sites. I am still waiting to receive payment from bux3 and bux3 have gone past their 60 days has only been about 30 days of the 60 I have to wait. Well this should get everybody up to date now. Remember to check the banners below they have all paid me and they are good sites.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

traffic site that pays

I have received my minimum payout from easyhits4u one of my traffic sites I use. It takes 5-7 business days to get in your paypal account. At easyhits4u you get paid .30 for every thousand sites you surf. Plus you can win money, credits, banners, or other stuff on bonus pages. I like this site but trafficswarm is still my favorite but this one is a keeper because it pays you. Plus I won a free one month upgrade on trafficsplash another traffic site I'm trying. I have joined a few more PTC's but I haven't decide on another traffic site yet. That's all for now look for new link at bottom of blog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

waiting for payment

I sent in for my 3 dollar payment from easyhits4u. I have to wait 5-7 business days for it to be put in my paypal account. This is one of my traffic exchanges I use. I hope they pay because I like this site a lot. It's simple to maneuver around the site everything is easy to find. I've joined a couple newer ptc sites unobux and perfect bucks. I have almost reached payout level on dingobux. I'm still waiting on my 2 sites that take 60 days to pay.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Technically it's still free

My rule is it's all for free (excluding my eBay). It's all about finding ways to make free money on the Internet. I have taken a step on neobux which costs money but you can use the money you make from them that's on your account or you can pay out of pocket. Renting referrals is a great step to take without having to pay for upgrade. With me being pioneer level on neobux I can rent 3 referrals for .75 cents standard pays .90. You rent them for 30 days at this price. You can decide to rotate them or keep renting them. I came across this idea on another ptc blog. They said if they keep a 2.0 average they are worth keeping anything below that recycle. I gave my first batch 15 days to get their average before I decided to recycle and I only had to recycle 1 of 3. Plus in that time I earned enough money to rent 3 more referrals plus the .08 cents it cost to recycle the 1 and still had some change left on account. You have to put at least 1.00 on your rental account even though it costs less. So I still have change on my rental balance in case I need to recycle any more. I highly recommend renting referrals I'm glad I stuck with neobux they are turning out to be one of the best sites I joined. Bad news on another site uronlinebux has disappeared nothing there gone I was almost to cash out level too. they have been missing for about a week now so I don't think they are coming back. This is why I do they free stuff no money lost just time. I have joined a few new ptc's I have seen them mentioned on other blogs with good ratings so thought I would give them a try. I like some of them but some of them are like a maze to find your way around. I will keep you updated on them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Renting referrals

I read on another blog about renting referrals on neobux. Let me just say this it's a must do. Plus technically it's still free because you can use the money you have in your neobux account that you earned from them. It cost me .75 cents to rent 3 for a month I am a pioneer level. You can decide to keep the same three or recycle some of them if they are not very active. The information I read said that if they hold at least a 2.0 average they are good to keep anything below that recycle. I have had mine 9 days and already made my money back. You have to put at least 1.00 dollar in your renting account to purchase. I plan on renting 3 more and recycling 1 or 2 of my first batch. Well I have to go now but I leave on this note Pittsburgh Steelers Rule

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i had to laugh

you guys are gonna love this but first some more good news. is for real I received my payment and cashed my check. I'm glad clixsense is real I like them I may upgrade with them in the future to see if upgrading is worth it. right now I'm just working on the free money out there. now on to the funny part of this entry. last time I mentioned waiting on payment from 1dollarptc well i think I got it or it's just a verification test to make sure account is real. but out of the 5200.00 i cashed in i have so far received .04 cents of it. now if this is all i get I'm dropping this site like a hot potato. but in all technicality they do state in their TOS that you could be paid less then 1% depending how many others cash in at same period. I think everyone and their dog must have cashed in when i did. so in all technicality I must put their add up because I have received payment from them. after all I am being honest but I will advise against signing up with them. i sent them a reply back with the email they sent me asking if that was total or just a verification test I have not received an answer back yet. well that's it for now look for the clixsense banner and ignore the 1dollarptc for now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

another real site

Great news everyone today I received my check from I took it to the bank and cashed it. Inboxdollars is just like sendearnings and both have paid. I am still awaiting payment on 1dollarptc. They say it can take up to 60 days but they also say they have more staff now so payments will come 30 - 45 days. I really hope they pay because I am halfway to cashing out again waiting to see if they will pay. Another great about sendearnings and Inboxdollars is that once you get your first check you are upgraded to gold member for free. As far as my traffic sites go trafficswarm has changed a little good thing is you can win between 50 to 1000 extra credits if you click on the lucky link. The bad side free members can only click 250 links a day now. It's still enough for me for right now I still have credits left over each day. But now I find it hard to stock up so if I want to take a day off. Unless of course I hit one of the lucky links. So look for the new link added for Inboxdollars.