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Monday, February 22, 2010

Paid again

Well looks like I may finally be starting to get regular payments from a variety of sites that I use. This time I don't have any new ones but some old favorites have paid again. I have three of them this time that paid me this week. First one was they paid me another 3.00 dollars received payment the next day after request. Second one was they paid me another 30.00 received check within two weeks after requesting payout. Then they also gave me a 3.00 bonus towards my next 30.00 cash out for being a loyal member. Third I won again on which means in 30-60 days I will receive my 200.00 dollar gift card from them. Then of course we can't forget my traffic exchange I won at Christmas time it's doing well too and I have been making a little money off of it. I've been trying to get this old brain to learn everything about it but it's slow going. I have been making small changes from what I have been able to learn. Hopefully I can learn a lot more I have dummies books now to help. So anyway back to enjoying my retirement haha. I tell ya retirement is hard work I do more now then when I worked lol. Anyway remember everything I've done has been free to join so it's free money so get out there and make your free money on the Internet. Just in case you haven't figured it out this wont make you a millionaire overnight but it don't cost you anything so you have nothing to lose and make some extra cash something we can all use nowadays. So good luck making your free money on the Internet.