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Friday, March 18, 2011

more money more money

Well I've been staying very busy with all the stuff I have going on now but I am still managing to find more free money on the Internet. This time around I have some old favorites and a couple new ones to add to the list of sites that have paid me and yes they are all free to join. So let's get started off with telling you about the new sites I've found that do pay. First we have Jill's Click Corner it's been around for awhile you get a whole bunch of ads some days I have 19 pages of ads about 10 on each page. They have a low 2.00 payout and it don't take long to reach it if you click the ads every day. This site offers a lot more then just paid to click ads too and they have contests too. So be sure to sign up for this one here is my referral link and you can look for the banner below too. Next we have onbux This is a site that has been around a little while and seems to have a lot of people who like it including me. It didn't take me long to reach pay out on it either and they have a low payout also. They are set up basically like neobux with the same basics. Here is my referral link and you can look for the banner below. Now for all the old favorites that have paid me many times. I will just list them you all probably know how good they are already and they have paid me multiple times and all their banners are below already. First we have The Traffic Dance a great TE. Next is Max Traffic Pro another great TE. Next is Tezak Traffic Power another great TE. Then we Have Wordlinx a great PTC. So anyway I must get back to my daily stuff drive the kids to work go pick up my dog from the vet and all my fun online stuff. If ya get a chance stop in The Traffic Dance and chat with us who knows you may be the next lucky winner of a mug from them. That's another thing I get to do I get to mug people on The Traffic Dance lol. Don't worry it's just my funny way of giving away free coffee mugs lol. Well for now it's time to go and good luck making your free money online.