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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i had to laugh

you guys are gonna love this but first some more good news. is for real I received my payment and cashed my check. I'm glad clixsense is real I like them I may upgrade with them in the future to see if upgrading is worth it. right now I'm just working on the free money out there. now on to the funny part of this entry. last time I mentioned waiting on payment from 1dollarptc well i think I got it or it's just a verification test to make sure account is real. but out of the 5200.00 i cashed in i have so far received .04 cents of it. now if this is all i get I'm dropping this site like a hot potato. but in all technicality they do state in their TOS that you could be paid less then 1% depending how many others cash in at same period. I think everyone and their dog must have cashed in when i did. so in all technicality I must put their add up because I have received payment from them. after all I am being honest but I will advise against signing up with them. i sent them a reply back with the email they sent me asking if that was total or just a verification test I have not received an answer back yet. well that's it for now look for the clixsense banner and ignore the 1dollarptc for now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

another real site

Great news everyone today I received my check from I took it to the bank and cashed it. Inboxdollars is just like sendearnings and both have paid. I am still awaiting payment on 1dollarptc. They say it can take up to 60 days but they also say they have more staff now so payments will come 30 - 45 days. I really hope they pay because I am halfway to cashing out again waiting to see if they will pay. Another great about sendearnings and Inboxdollars is that once you get your first check you are upgraded to gold member for free. As far as my traffic sites go trafficswarm has changed a little good thing is you can win between 50 to 1000 extra credits if you click on the lucky link. The bad side free members can only click 250 links a day now. It's still enough for me for right now I still have credits left over each day. But now I find it hard to stock up so if I want to take a day off. Unless of course I hit one of the lucky links. So look for the new link added for Inboxdollars.