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Monday, February 23, 2009

waiting for payment

I sent in for my 3 dollar payment from easyhits4u. I have to wait 5-7 business days for it to be put in my paypal account. This is one of my traffic exchanges I use. I hope they pay because I like this site a lot. It's simple to maneuver around the site everything is easy to find. I've joined a couple newer ptc sites unobux and perfect bucks. I have almost reached payout level on dingobux. I'm still waiting on my 2 sites that take 60 days to pay.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Technically it's still free

My rule is it's all for free (excluding my eBay). It's all about finding ways to make free money on the Internet. I have taken a step on neobux which costs money but you can use the money you make from them that's on your account or you can pay out of pocket. Renting referrals is a great step to take without having to pay for upgrade. With me being pioneer level on neobux I can rent 3 referrals for .75 cents standard pays .90. You rent them for 30 days at this price. You can decide to rotate them or keep renting them. I came across this idea on another ptc blog. They said if they keep a 2.0 average they are worth keeping anything below that recycle. I gave my first batch 15 days to get their average before I decided to recycle and I only had to recycle 1 of 3. Plus in that time I earned enough money to rent 3 more referrals plus the .08 cents it cost to recycle the 1 and still had some change left on account. You have to put at least 1.00 on your rental account even though it costs less. So I still have change on my rental balance in case I need to recycle any more. I highly recommend renting referrals I'm glad I stuck with neobux they are turning out to be one of the best sites I joined. Bad news on another site uronlinebux has disappeared nothing there gone I was almost to cash out level too. they have been missing for about a week now so I don't think they are coming back. This is why I do they free stuff no money lost just time. I have joined a few new ptc's I have seen them mentioned on other blogs with good ratings so thought I would give them a try. I like some of them but some of them are like a maze to find your way around. I will keep you updated on them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Renting referrals

I read on another blog about renting referrals on neobux. Let me just say this it's a must do. Plus technically it's still free because you can use the money you have in your neobux account that you earned from them. It cost me .75 cents to rent 3 for a month I am a pioneer level. You can decide to keep the same three or recycle some of them if they are not very active. The information I read said that if they hold at least a 2.0 average they are good to keep anything below that recycle. I have had mine 9 days and already made my money back. You have to put at least 1.00 dollar in your renting account to purchase. I plan on renting 3 more and recycling 1 or 2 of my first batch. Well I have to go now but I leave on this note Pittsburgh Steelers Rule