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Monday, June 29, 2009

brain twitters

For all my followers who want more updates regularly you can follow me on twitter. My twitter name is bartendermo here is the link to my profile. Here I twitter everything for all my blogs and my traffic and ptc's. Hubby started himself a twitter account and already has more followers then me because he decided to follow all the news, radio, and stuff like that. So I will not cheat like he is I'm just going to rely on real people that want to follow me for my information or just to see what's going on. So I hope my followers here will follow me at twitter also. This week officially ended super surf on some of my traffic sites but they plan to come up with something better soon. I'm happy to say for the final week of the super surf I was one of random five dollar winners of the balloon popping. One of the other winners who finished in the top ten balloon poppers I consider to be a friend. I met her in the chat of one of my traffic sites. She has been very helpful and given me some sites to try that she says have paid her. I'm signing up to try one of her survey sites today and when I get paid from it I will add the link just like with all my links here. good luck everyone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

neobux renting referrals

I've reached the payout for neobux a few times but I decided to rent me some referrals instead. I'm now up to 71 rent referrals when I reach 100 I will start cashing out again. I've also been pondering the idea of trying some survey sites to see how well they do for making money. I have a few more ptc sites that I have not reached payout on yet they are taking forever. But I can't just drop them because I can't give honest opinion on whether or not they pay. So I will ride them out till the end and then let you know. Today I'm updating some links and I think I will pick some new ptc sites to try. I will keep you updated. Remember only sites that have paid me are allowed here no scam sites allowed.