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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

spring fever is hard work

I know its been awhile but I've been very busy with springtime stuff and barely keeping up online. I made me a little extra cash during mushroom season selling morel mushrooms. Then of course the dreaded spring cleaning inside and out and getting my garden planted. We did a few changes to the front yard and we are still digging out the back yard. But in the midst of all this I still managed to find time to find a couple new sites that paid me. One is a traffic exchange and the other a ptc. So let's start with the traffic exchange it's a great site I'm even a team leader there. My teams name is RT's Angels2 we have a lot of fun. The name of the traffic exchange is "The Traffic Dance" they have a great group of people and I know a lot of you are already members but my rule I don't add them here till I've been paid. I get great results from the traffic dance so if your not already a member look for the banner here and join today. Next site that has paid me is "Lighthousegpt" they have many different things here to do besides just ptc's they even have a slot machine you can try to win more money with your earnings. I like this site a lot they even have a chat box and yes they do pay. That's all I have for the good guys this time I do have one bad guy "Palmbux scammed me I tried to cash out three different times and you only get 1 minute out of the day to cash they have suspended my account after I tried to contact them to ask them about my payouts. I couldn't get contact to work and tried getting answers in forum but my questions never showed up in there so I don't know. But they are bad in my book. Well that's all for today I must get back to my hard work of being retired and spring fever. Good luck making your free money everyone see you soon with some new sites hopefully.