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Sunday, May 31, 2009

another bad site

Well looks like I found another scam site don't waste your time on performancebux the cash out link to payal and alertpay both don't work. I tried three times to cash out and no luck. This week just flew by I had to catch up on my traffic sites today. Then I figured I better twitter and blog let everyone know whats going on. Earlier this week I received a whole bunch more books took me two days to get them cleaned and put up. I had to thin out some I've already tried to sale. Next weekend I'm having a yard sale if they don't sale then I will take inventory on them and go donate them. I only need to earn 31 more cents to cash out easyhits4u for third time. Well back to the old grindstone of retirement good luck everyone.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

another one pays

I was hoping this one would turn out good I like this site its so easy. Here's another honest site that pays I received 25.62 in my paypal account Monday the 18Th. It's free to join and you can pick up to 25 categories for what kind of ads you want to view. I have been reinvesting some of the money I earn and upgrading some sites. This is working quite well and my personal opinion the first PTC to upgrade would be clixsense its only ten dollars for a year and I made that back the first month after upgrade. Mushroom season is pretty much done so now I can get back on track for awhile. Kids get out of school soon God I can't believe a whole school year is gone by again. That means soon we will be camping, rock hunting, and fishing. This will be a challenge to keep up. I may have to bribe my daughter to help lol. OK enough babbling off to build more traffic to sites. I hope this was helpful remember look for banner at bottom.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hubby's present to me

I know this is supposed to be all free money stuff but hubby seen how well I was dong on neobux and gave me 90 dollars to upgrade it. I'm still trying to figure out how to rent more referrals. Seems I can only do it during 2 different hours that I pick. But it shows none available. They have me watching videos on youtube to learn how to do it. I am also waiting for payment from hits4pay. I reached my 25 dollar payout at the first of month payment should arrive in paypal between 15Th and 18Th of this month. All my traffic is getting me referrals at different sites some are duds but there are a few good ones. Mushroom season has me slacking a little bit but I make 25 dollars a pound on my mushrooms. So I think I can afford to slack on my traffic for that. I'd like to say hello to my followers I hope this blog is helpful. I'm no Internet guru just a retired bartender trying to make honest money online. My favorite kind of money is free money. Remember every link on this blog has paid me or made me money. No scams allowed here only real sites that pay and my eBay. OK and a link to one of my other blogs. Well that's all I have for now