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Friday, February 18, 2011

finding free money is fun

Hello again everyone well it's been very busy for me lately. I have taken on a few jobs in the Internet world now it seems my charming personality is taking me places now. First off let's start off with my new jobs I have taken on. First job I am now the social coordinator for The Traffic Dance. This is a great traffic exchange with a really great owner. I started out as a chat moderator there and got promoted I guess you can say. So if your looking for me I'm hanging out at the traffic dance quite a bit these days. Here's my link and if you want to join my team I am team leader of RTAngels2. Next I took on a couple more chat mod jobs at a couple of other well known sites. They are both owned by Suzanna Theresia she is a great gal and doing a great job with both sites. The first site is Rainbow traffic I log in for awhile at different times of the day to chat with people. Here is my link for rainbow be sure to stop in and visit. The other site is their sister site it's called Shinelight-Traffic another great site there's always something going on at both of them. Here is my link to shinelight You won't find the banner for these two at the bottom I have not reached payout yet but when I do I will add their banners as well. Now I have 4 sites that have paid me since the last time I blogged and I have also won another 200.00 dollar gift card from gamevance that I'm waiting for them to send. All four of the sites have paid me before so their banner is at the bottom of the blog. The four sites that paid me again are Rosebux, Klickbuck, Clixsense, and Quickrewards. So anyway I have joined some new sites both te's and ptc's so hopefully I will have some new sites to add to the blog soon. Until then have fun making free money on the Internet like I do. Good luck everyone see you soon.