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Monday, December 15, 2008

waiting for free money

I have cashed in another paid to click as I stated in my last blog. I am a little leery of this one I ran across a couple different blogs that say it's a scam. It's called I have to wait sixty days for payment. Here's what I like and dislike about it. Likes: You click on ads that are 1.00 to 5.00 and there are a lot of them even for free members. Dislikes: you only earn a percentage of the five thousand cash limit less then 1% or depending on what the site earns at that time. I have been leery of this site since I joined just because of the high dollar amounts but seems how I am testing these sites to let you know if they are scams or not I have to try different ones. Remember the only banners and links you will see on this blog are ones that have actually paid me. I have joined some more traffic sites to help build traffic. I am thinking of dropping one of them it doesn't really offer much for me. is still my favorite one but I have a few more that I like. I have joined they pay you cash for surfing. I will tell you about the other 2 in my next blog plus I will have another PTC that I cashed in. So till next time remember I'm doing this for all of us honest people looking to make money.

Friday, November 28, 2008

waiting for payment

I sent in for payment from the day before thanksgiving and they will process my payment by January 2nd. It's a long wait but they are just like sendearnings and I know sendearnings pays for sure. So I have a good feeling about Inboxdollars. I will let you know when I recieve payment. I also joined a new gamesite through Inboxdollars I earned four dollars into my Inboxdollars account now playing for a gift card. I will tell you more about it next blog they are switching servers because other one wasnt working right. The site was having a lot of freezing problems. I hope they fix the problem I like it there and it's free or you can pay to upgrade. But more about that next time. Hope everyone had a great turkey day we did. Now it's time to drag out the Christmas decorations and start testing lights and setting everything up. This year I have added outside decorations for us to put up. I will be back with some more ptc news soon I have another one almost ready. See you all soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another one pays

Well even after all the problems I had in the beginning I can honestly say that neobux pays and boy do they pay fast within five minutes. So I will go ahead and place their banner on here and see how they do now that my computer and router are fixed. I am still getting everything back together on my computer but I'm almost there plus I have a website program on my computer now so I can start building my website for asthebarturns. well time to get back to work.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

giving up on neobux

As you all know I am trying different ptc sites to earn extra cash while I am retired. One of the sites I joined neobux has been nothing but problems. Sometimes it won't let me log in, sometimes it logs me back out when I log in, and there's even been times when the search engine said does not exist. I will keep checking it to try to make it up to cash out amount then after that I will not bother. I took it off my list of traffic swarm sites. Now I just have to go remove it from my blog. I'm not going to advertise some broke down site that works when it feels like it. But anyway things are a little hectic around here we have a new addition to our house another teenager so my office is being moved back down to the dungeon. So that's about all for today time to get back to rearranging stuff hopefully I will have good news next time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

love that free stuff

It's been busy and cramped around here all week. First hubby brought home a full pickup load of stuff from a co worker left over from their garage sale. Then one of the local thrift stores moved locations and had an everything free day to clean out inventory. This ended up being another full truck load of stuff. But me and my daughter got some cool clothes and I got a bunch more books to sell on eBay. I did find a nice desk cabinet type thing made of metal to use for a work area. The funny thing was that hubby was grabbing Christmas stuff and he's a bah humbug kinda person. So now we have a path through our basement till we get everything sorted. Then on top of all that we have another teenager coming to live with us this weekend. So we also have to move my office back to the dungeon. Then the neighbor wants to have one more garage sale to end the season. This will help with the sorting of a lot of stuff. So I am pretty busy for the rest of the week it looks like. I could have sworn someone told me retiring was relaxing. I'm doing more now then before when I was working. Oh well hopefully I can relax next week, yea right.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I win again

One place I go to all the time on the Internet is I love the games and I've won 6 times now. They don't have no banners or anything for me to put up for them but you can win money or prizes you get to pick your prize. So if you like playing games go to gamevance they have all kinds of different games. molito is my name there see for yourself its real. Well time for bed to get the kids up for school tomorrow. Good luck everyone see you later.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

more work now

My god retirement wears you out. I have been busy plus having fun. We went to the rodeo Saturday and I got drunk. I'm a city girl born and raised but get me around a rodeo I'm a cowgirl. I tried to win a horse without knowing where I would keep it if I won lol. Then I decided to pet a couple of the bulls after the rodeo. I know I'm nuts but I figured last time I sat on a Brahma bull. Which means following day means big hangover. So that was two days of nothing accomplished. This made Monday catchup day for all my email stuff and eBay. I had books to list and books to mail out. Tuesday it was finally cool enough outside to do some yard work. Bad thing not only my yard but the mother-in-laws too. Plus my rocks finished tumbling today so I had to clean them up. Now to decide which ones go in display case and which ones to make into necklaces to sell. But anyway I have one link to add from sendearnings I have received a check from them and they are legit. I will also add my bookstore I have on eBay most books under one dollar. I won't add AdSense yet because I have not made enough to get paid and like I said I will not add anything unless I have been paid. Sendeanings is easy money but you don't get rich quick but it's extra income.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going out to eat

Me and hubby went out to eat Thursday night at Golden Corral because it was kabob night and I wanted to try them. First we hit the salad bar part which was great now time for the kabobs. We get to the meat section can't find them anywhere so I ask the cook he said must be out we had some earlier. I asked are they making more he said nope that's it. Now mind this is at about 7 pm plenty early enough still that they should still be serving them. So we ate steak instead and I asked the cashier person on the way out what hours do they serve the kabobs? He says I don't know. Nowhere on any of their signs that I could see did it say a specific time. Just said Thursday is kabob night. Well it will be awhile before I go there to eat now besides they were starting to get ridicules on their prices. They are competing with the casino buffets. I am very stubborn about when I go out to eat and something goes bad. I quit eating at Burger King because I got food poisoning 3 different times. I have never gone back to Cracker Barrel because the first time I went My food was room temperature with cold spots. I quit going to one of the Godfather's pizza places because I found a bug in my salad and they tried to say it wasn't. I quit going to Taco Bell at my end of town because they forgot one of my items and when I tried to call and tell them they hung up on me twice. I called the main office and reported it and they sent me a coupon that I let expire because I would not go back to that rude place. Lucky me I have my mother's bullheaded stubbornness I'm a bitch attitude and my dad's kind heart with a sense of humor. What a combo they make lol. I'm a nice person just don't piss me off or fuck me over lol. OK enough for now good news next time and a place that really pays.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Early Retirement

I've always dreamed I would make enough money to retire early. Well guess what that didn't happen. Instead I have been thrown into early retirement and broke. Good thing I have a husband to work and take care of me. But I miss my extra spending money I made working as a bartender. So what do I do now for that extra money. I have been trying a few things on the Internet the last couple years to make money. But not enough to pay for my hobbies I love. I've been learning some new stuff this last few months and I'm now making a little more money. So I've started this blog to share with everyone my gains and failures. I will also be sharing all the other things I'm doing to try and enjoy my early retirement. The only ads you will see here from me are ones that have actually helped me to make money or my eBay. I'm not here to scam anyone like I was scammed out of a job by our government. I'm here to try and make a little extra spending money and share the info with everyone. I figure if I can make money here any one can. So let's all see if we can make money to enjoy early retirement. I will start adding my stuff on here tomorrow or later. OK this is a long enough introduction time to go do something somewhere somehow.