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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going out to eat

Me and hubby went out to eat Thursday night at Golden Corral because it was kabob night and I wanted to try them. First we hit the salad bar part which was great now time for the kabobs. We get to the meat section can't find them anywhere so I ask the cook he said must be out we had some earlier. I asked are they making more he said nope that's it. Now mind this is at about 7 pm plenty early enough still that they should still be serving them. So we ate steak instead and I asked the cashier person on the way out what hours do they serve the kabobs? He says I don't know. Nowhere on any of their signs that I could see did it say a specific time. Just said Thursday is kabob night. Well it will be awhile before I go there to eat now besides they were starting to get ridicules on their prices. They are competing with the casino buffets. I am very stubborn about when I go out to eat and something goes bad. I quit eating at Burger King because I got food poisoning 3 different times. I have never gone back to Cracker Barrel because the first time I went My food was room temperature with cold spots. I quit going to one of the Godfather's pizza places because I found a bug in my salad and they tried to say it wasn't. I quit going to Taco Bell at my end of town because they forgot one of my items and when I tried to call and tell them they hung up on me twice. I called the main office and reported it and they sent me a coupon that I let expire because I would not go back to that rude place. Lucky me I have my mother's bullheaded stubbornness I'm a bitch attitude and my dad's kind heart with a sense of humor. What a combo they make lol. I'm a nice person just don't piss me off or fuck me over lol. OK enough for now good news next time and a place that really pays.

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