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Friday, November 11, 2011

Holy Cow a new blog post

I know I'm getting real bad about keeping up with blogging but I have been very busy. With the changing of the seasons and winter coming fast we have been busy winterizing the house. We also painted the outside of the house. Plus we purchased the empty lot next to us back in August so we have been cleaning that up too. Then when I finally got time to sit down and do something instead of blogging I went and bought another traffic exchange. I just bought it October 28th so I have been busy cleaning it up and setting everything on it. I was able to purchase this site with free money I've earned online. A lot has been going on but most of you who follow me everywhere know I have a lot of stuff going now not just clicking. I have also started my own webinar room.,webinarlounge. So far the only set time I have a webinar is on Wednesday nights at 11pm Eastern. But you know me I like spontaneous so I could jump in there anytime. This is the main reason I decided to get my own room. Last Sunday we opened it up and watched the last 5 minutes of the Steelers game in the webinar on my t.v. lol. I have been thinking of doing a Sunday just hang out and talk about sports and stuff.
I do have a new site to add to my list of sites that pays. This site has been going hot since day 1 it started. I have earned my first commissions payment from them. So come join me and all my friends at Hot Flash Hits. Jolynn and Cathy are some awesome ladies and I have had the privilege to work with them recently when a few of us girls that own TE's got together to support Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. So look for their banner added below.
So as you can see I have been keeping myself busy. I'm still getting payments from all the other sites that have banners down below. OK enough news covered in this blog post don't want to bore you too much. Plus I really need to write a couple other ones too. But for now I may go to bed first cold of the season is kicking my butt. So keep clicking and earning that free money online.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

No Jimjech sites allowed

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
You will never see any Jimjech sites on this blog. The 700 dollar unpaid promissory note I have insures that. For this reason I had to remove The Draffic Tance from the list of sites that have paid me seems how it is now a part of the Jimjech company. This is too bad I really liked The Draffic Tance and I always used their rotators and down line builder. So I will be busy for awhile finding the right site to fill the shoes that The Draffic Tance did in my online business. I will miss my friends I made at some of the Jimjech sites like at Xtartschange and The Draffic Tance. But when Tusjin only payed me 2/3 of what he told ev1 he was gonna pay me then there is no reason to continue to use any of their products or sites. So I have moved on to different sites to fill any voids they may have left like now that I don't use Kdareator I have Webstarts to make my splash pages with. Here is my link if you would like to check it out. This is one of the reasons I haven't been around much plus we have been painting outside of our house. Then Firefox's pop unders and pop up from their latest version took a toll on my puter so I had to start it over from day one. Needless to say I have not re added Firefox to my computer I am looking for a different browser to use I really don't much care for chrome. This might be only for the fact I'm not used to using it though so I will work with it a little to see. I may lose some people as friends over this but I guess it would just show they were not really friends if they think its OK for the sharks to short change from one of us fish in the sea.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Feed The Sharks

I know its been awhile since my last post but things have been crazy in the Internet world. Which has compelled me to write this entry today. I will try to keep my head while I write this and not go off. A lot of things changed in the last few months and it was quite a roller coaster ride. But out of it all I've gotten a little recognition from some of the bigger fish in the Internet sea. Some of it was good and some of it I wrote off as a lesson learned and I learned not to trust them. But thanks to being burned it woke me up to get back on track with my original plans to help my friends find ways to make free money on the Internet. My next post will be back on track for what this blog was made for helping my friends. For now this post is to warn my friends about the sharks out there on the Internet. They will pretend to be your friend when in actuality they are only using you to make themselves look good and line their own pockets. So my advice to my friends is focus on making your own business online and don't help feed the sharks. Them sharks can be very deceiving it can be hard to spot them sometimes. Some of them are just sharks dressed in sheep's clothing while others will actually pretend to be your friend while you are helping them line their pockets. If they promise you money better get paid up front or you may get burned. Ugh just lost half of what I had wrote thanks to Internet hiccup see if I can remember it all. There are a lot of sharks out there that will pretend to be your friend until they get what they want then they just chew you up and spit you out. Well them big fish don't scare me I've lived through a lot worse and still came out a good strong person. Needless to say there are a few sites that you may never see on my blog that may shock some of you but when they are in the negative owing me 700 dollars I don't see them making my list of having paid me anytime in the near future. I may lose a few programs after this blog but that's OK I'd rather use programs with program owners I can trust and don't have to worry about if I say something they don't like they will make all my work disappear seen that happen to one of my friends online from the same shark. Well I better get back to work on building my online business and making friends. I'm a nice person and not used to making enemies but just because I'm a nice person does not give sharks the right to walk all over me and use me. OK I better stop for now good luck to all my friends and God bless you all for being my friends.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm being flooded!!!

Yes it's flooding here but not only by water money has been flooding in also. I've got a big list for this month. I am going to have to start blogging updates more often if I'm going to keep making money like this. Unfortunately I also have a bad one that will be removed from my blog, so let's get the bad one out of the way to start. it turns out fantasiabux is a scam site I've been waiting almost a week for my instant payment after they came back online. Do not bother making an investment at this site so you can cash out because they will take your money and not pay you. Now let's get to the good stuff let's start off with some old favorites that continue to pay. First on the list is Getbuxtoday this is one bux site that is a great site to join with a well known honest admin.
Next we have Clixsense this is one of my favorites by far. 10 dollars a year and you make that back the first month easily and you want to definitely download their toolbar it lets you know whenever new ads are added. Clixsense is at the top of my list of ptc sites.
Next another one that has paid me many times Quickrewards with a wide variety of things to do to earn money you can reach their low payout quickly.
Next we have TheTrafficDance the dance is a sister site of the lounge. Faith has done an awesome job the dance. You can find me here most the time making friends and having fun. You can earn cash from commissions, find cash bonuses, or even contests from time to time.
next we have Cashharvest This is another great little site that pays I've cashed out a couple times.
Here's one that has been around for awhile and still continues to pay.
Then last but not least we have Jillsclickcorner another great site with a variety of ways to make money and they always have lots of ads so you reach their low payout quickly.
Now for the list of new sites that have paid me for the first time. First on the list we have DealsnCash this site is just like Hits4pay with even more ads per day. cash out is 30.00 but they have ads worth .01 to .05 per view.
The next site is owned by a friend of mine in the cyber world Marty is a great guy and well trusted so check out his new site.
Next we have Moneybux another great site that pays.
Last on the list but not the least is Imperialbux another great site that pays.
All sites that pay have their banners listed below also. Remember sites are only allowed here if they have paid me and they are all free to join also. Sorry for such a long blog post I guess I'm going to have to start blogging more often so I don't bore you guys with such a long blog lol. Bye for now and good luck earning free money on the Internet.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

some new money makers added

Hi everyone Wait till you see the free money makers I have this time around. I know I fell behind on my blog but it's mushroom season! oh and spring cleaning inside and out. But the good news is I do have a few new sites to add that pay. So lets start off with the newbies that get added to the blog. All the new ones are paid to click sites this time and it didn't take me long to reach payout on them. The first one is vcbux this is a nice site and it is set up like neobux before neobux went to cheap ads. Took me less then a month to reach payout.
Here is the link or you can click the banner below. Next we have schnaapklicks another great site that pays. make sure you read the instructions on how to click the ads. Here is the link or you can click the banner below.
next we have fantasiabux another nice site reach payout quickly. Here is the link or you can click on the banner below. The last newbie we have to add to the list is getbuxtoday. Nice site pays quickly just discovered one downfall to it they don't automatically renew your monthly subscription my upgrade just ran out and I got no email or nothing warning me about it. Do they think they are the only site I am a member of and I remember exactly when my upgrade runs out each month? Hopefully their well known and well trusted admin they have will fix this. But anyway here is the link or you can click the banner below.
now here's the list of some old favorites that are still paying Rosebux, Hits4pay, Jill's Click Corner, The Traffic Dance, and Quick Rewards all their banners are located at bottom of the blog. Sorry it took so long to update blog but mushroom season is only good for 4-6 weeks around here so I have to get out there to find them when I can. Considering they sell for 25 dollars a lb here. So good luck finding your free money online see you next time.