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Sunday, May 1, 2011

some new money makers added

Hi everyone Wait till you see the free money makers I have this time around. I know I fell behind on my blog but it's mushroom season! oh and spring cleaning inside and out. But the good news is I do have a few new sites to add that pay. So lets start off with the newbies that get added to the blog. All the new ones are paid to click sites this time and it didn't take me long to reach payout on them. The first one is vcbux this is a nice site and it is set up like neobux before neobux went to cheap ads. Took me less then a month to reach payout.
Here is the link or you can click the banner below. Next we have schnaapklicks another great site that pays. make sure you read the instructions on how to click the ads. Here is the link or you can click the banner below.
next we have fantasiabux another nice site reach payout quickly. Here is the link or you can click on the banner below. The last newbie we have to add to the list is getbuxtoday. Nice site pays quickly just discovered one downfall to it they don't automatically renew your monthly subscription my upgrade just ran out and I got no email or nothing warning me about it. Do they think they are the only site I am a member of and I remember exactly when my upgrade runs out each month? Hopefully their well known and well trusted admin they have will fix this. But anyway here is the link or you can click the banner below.
now here's the list of some old favorites that are still paying Rosebux, Hits4pay, Jill's Click Corner, The Traffic Dance, and Quick Rewards all their banners are located at bottom of the blog. Sorry it took so long to update blog but mushroom season is only good for 4-6 weeks around here so I have to get out there to find them when I can. Considering they sell for 25 dollars a lb here. So good luck finding your free money online see you next time.