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Friday, January 7, 2011

last years free money earned

Hello again everyone hope every one's holidays went well. I know mine was a very busy one I will have to try and be more prepared when December comes around this year. But anyway I did finally get all my earning added up and I would say I done pretty good this year for just finding free money on the Internet. Hopefully this year will be even better. I was going to do a month by month for you but I didn't want to make the blog too long and boring for you so I just totaled them up for the year. I also have a couple more sites that paid me in December but I will put them in next post. So here is my yearly totals for PTC's, traffic exchanges, and my traffic exchange. By the end of December I earned 177.40 on free to join paid to click sites. By the end of December I earned 183.71 on other traffic exchanges. By the end of December I earned 289.00 from my traffic exchange that I won for free. Then I forgot to add affiliate funnel earlier this year this is another site that has paid me so I will add their link and banner to blog. I earned 5.49 from them last year too. Here is the link. So my grand total earnings from joining free to join sites is 655.60 not to bad for free money right and this doesn't count the money I have made selling used books on eBay or the money I have won from gamevance last year. This year I won 800.00 dollars total from gamevance. Well anyway I better get back to work earning that free money online good luck everyone and happy New Year.

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