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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a couple TE's that pay

Hello everyone well all this nice weather and rain has kept me busy outside but not to worry because I am still finding free money on the Internet for you. Today I have a couple great traffic exchanges to add for you. The first one is known as maxtrafficpro or mtp for short it is a great site. It has worked well for me for getting traffic to my other sites plus getting referrals on mtp itself. You get to spin a wheel about every 20 pages for a chance to increase your credits,banners, or texts. Plus they always have contests going to win cash and other prizes. Just scroll down below to the banner I added and check it out.
Now for the second traffic exchange it's a newer one but it grew big fast it's run by a great guy who has been doing traffic exchanges for over 10 years. Tony Tezak has done a great job with his traffic exchange and I have received great results from his site too. When surfing you get a chance to win different bonuses every 15 pages including cash. Then there are all the contests they do too to win great prizes. Both of these sites have paid me and they are free to join so make sure to check the banners at the bottom of the blog. Remember I'm here to help everyone find free money on the Internet and I will not put a site on this blog unless I have actually made money from them and been paid. Good luck everyone and have fun making some free cash online.


Anette said...

I love surfing TE´s. So full of prizes, relaxing and rewarding. Great way of promotion but best of all, you find so many nice friends.

wisgrandma said...

Great Post Marlene and agree these are two great sites - funny you did a post on this as just the other day I was thinking if I had to pick my top 5 who would it be - I guess I'll have to do a blog on that one of these days - thanks